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Yadollahvand, R., Kami, H. G., & Kalbassi, M. R. (2013). Cytogenetic characterisation of the caspian pond turtle, mauremys caspica in golestan and mazandaran provinces, iran (reptilia: Testudines). Zoology in the Middle East, 59(3), 214–219.   
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Wüthrich, F. (2013). Neue anlage für europäische sumpfschildkröten im papiliorama in kerzers. Testudo, 22(4), 19–22.   
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Sandmeier, F. C., Tracy, R. C., Hagerty, B. E., DuPré, S., Mohammadpour, H., & Hunter, K. (2013). Mycoplasmal upper respiratory tract disease across the range of the threatened mojave desert tortoise: Associations with thermal regime and natural antibodies. EcoHealth, (epub ahead of print).   
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Perez, M., Livoreil, B., Mantovani, S., Boisselier, M.-C., Crestanello, B., & Abdelkrim, J., et al. (2013). Genetic variation and population structure in the endangered hermann's tortoise: The roles of geography and human-mediated processes. Journal of Heredity, (early view).   
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Pappas, M. J., Congdon, J. D., Brecke, B. J., & Freedberg, S. (2013). Orientation of freshwater hatchling blanding's (emydoidea blandingii) and snapping turtles (chelydra serpentina) dispersing from experimental nests in agricultural fields. Herpetological Conservation and Biology, 8(2), 385–399.   
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Mitchell, T. S. (2013). Phenotypic consequences of maternal effects during early life stages of the painted turtle, chrysemys picta. Unpublished thesis , Iowa State University.   
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Lelièvre, M., & Robidoux, C. (2013). Propriétaires agricoles riverains et tortue des bois: Des résultats probants. Canadian Herpetologist, 3(2), 9–10.   
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Le, M., Reid, B. N., McCord, W. P., Naro-Maciel, E., Raxworthy, C. J., Amato, G., & Georges, A. (2013). Resolving the phylogenetic history of the short-necked turtles, genera elseya and myuchelys (testudines: Chelidae) from australia and new guinea. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, (in press, uncorrected proof).   
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Lamarre-DeJesus, A. S., & Griffin, C. R. (2013). Use of habanero pepper powder to reduce depredation of loggerhead sea turtle nests. Chelonian Conservation & Biology, 12(2), 262–267.   
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Ismail, N. S., Velinsky, D. J., Ashley, J. T. F., & Sanders, R. W. (2013). Chorioallantoic membrane as a non-lethal sampling method for polychlorinated biphenyls analysis in the northern diamondback terrapin (malaclemys terrapin terrapin). Chemistry and Ecology, 29(5), 391–403.   
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Hansen, L. L., & Bertelsen, M. F. (2013). Assessment of the effects of intramuscular administration of alfaxalone with and without medetomidine in horsfield's tortoises (agrionemys horsfieldii). Veterinary Anaesthesia and Analgesia, 40(6), e68–e75.   
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Hackney, A. D., Baldwin, R. F., & Jodice, P. G. R. (2013). Mapping risk for nest predation on a barrier island. Journal of Coastal Conservation, (early view).   
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Griffiths, O., André, A., & Meunier, A. , Tortoise breeding and ‘re-wilding’ on rodrigues island. Unpublished paper presented at Turtles on the Brink in Madagascar: Proceedings of Two Workshops on the Status, Conservation, and Biology of Malagasy Tortoises and Freshwater Turtles.   
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Fielder, D. P. (2013). Ancient phenotypes revealed through present day species—a morphological analysis of australia's saw-shelled turtles including the threatened myuchelys bellii (testudines: Chelidae). Chelonian Conservation & Biology, 12(1), 101–111.   
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Fehrenbach, A. K., McFadden, S., & Lindeman, P. V. , Reproductive allometry of the sabine map turtle (graptemys sabinensis) in southwestern louisiana - abstract. Unpublished paper presented at Program and Abstracts of the Tenth Annual Symposium on the Conservation and Biology of Tortoises and Freshwater Turtles.   
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Catard, A., & Bosc, V. , Stratégie de conservation de la tortue d'hermann en france: Menaces, réponses et perspectives. Unpublished paper presented at Atelier international sur la gestion et la restauration des populations et habitats de la Tortue d’Hermann / International workshop on the management and restoration of Hermann’s tortoise populations and habitats.   
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Burroughs, R. W., Bell, C. J., LaDuc, T. J., & Hendrickson, D. A. (2013). Morphological variation in the carapace and plastron of terrapene coahuila schmidt and owens 1944. In Morphology and Evolution of Turtles (pp. 6).Springer Netherlands.   
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Brenes, R. M. (2013). Mechanisms contributing to the emergence of ranavirus in ectothermic vertebrate communities. Unpublished thesis 131 pp. University of Tennessee, Knoxville.   
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Bombi, P., D’Amen, M., & Luiselli, L. (2013). From continental priorities to local conservation: A multi-level analysis for african tortoises. PLoS ONE, 8(10), e77093.   
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Barragán-Ramírez, J. L., Oceguera-Figueroa, A., Ascencio-Arrayga, J. D. J., Rodriguez-Ramírez, F., & Navarrete-Heredia, J. L. (2013). Kinosternon integrum (mexican mud turtle) ectoparasites. Herpetological Review, 44(2), 305–306.   
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