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Duncan Mary, C. D. J., & Junge, R. E. , Lymphosarcoma in african spurred tortoise (geochelone sulcata). Unpublished paper presented at Proceedings of the American Association of Zoo Veterinarians.   
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El Mouden, E. H., Kaddour, K. B., Slimani, T., Lagarde, F., Bonnet, X., & Guillon, M. , Densidad poblacional y capturabilidad individual de la tortuga mora, testudo graeca graeca, en una zona árida y sobrepastoreada de marruecos. Paper presented at VIII Congreso Luso-Español de Herpetología.   
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Garbin, R. C., Fernandes, D. S., & Pinto, R. R. , Morphological aspects of the geographic and ontogenetic variation in the brazilian freshwater turtle acanthochelys radiolata (mikan, 1820) (pleurodira: Chelidae) - abstract. Unpublished paper presented at Program and Abstracts of the Tenth Annual Symposium on the Conservation and Biology of Tortoises and Freshwater Turtles.   
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Huebinger, R. M., Bickham, J. W., Rhodin, A. G. J., & Mittermeier, R. A. (2013). Mitochondrial dna corroborates taxonomy of the south american chelid turtles of the genera platemys and acanthochelys. Chelonian Conservation & Biology, 12(1), 168–171.   
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Métrailler, S. (2003). Chelidae in south america. Reptilia GB, 24.   
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Mocelin, M. A., Fernandes, R., Porto, M., & Fernandes, D. S. (2008). Reproductive biology and notes on natural history of the side-necked turtle acanthochelys radiolata (mikan, 1820) in captivity (testudines: chelidae). South American Journal of Herpetology, 3(3), 223–228.   
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Nanjappa, P. , State of the union: Existing regulations for native herpetofauna, with emphasis on turtles. Unpublished paper presented at USFWS Workshop on Conservation and Trade Management of Freshwater and Terrestrial Turtles in the United States.   
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Philippen, H.-D. (2007). Brasilianische strahlen-flachschildkröte (acanthochelys radiolata mikan, 1820). Marginata, 4(2), 31–34.   
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Römpp, O. (2008). Erfahrungen mit der haltung und zucht südamerikanischer sumpfschildkröten der gattung acanthochelys. Radiata, 17(3), 39–44.   
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Römpp, O. (2008). Keeping and breeding the brazilian radiolated swamp turtle acanthochelys radiolata (mikan, 1820) with a discussion of primary and secondary diapause. Emys, 15(2), 4–15.   
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Siebenrock, F. (1902). Über zwei seltene schildkröten der herpetologischen sammlung des wiener museums. Akademischer Anzeiger, Wien, II, 1–3.   
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de Souza, F. L., Giraldelli, G. R., & Martins, T. A. (2006). Reproductive aspects of brazilian side-necked-turtles (chelidae). Boletín de la Asociación Herpetológica Española, 17(1), 28–34.   
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de Souza, F. L. (2004). Uma revisão sobre padrões de atividade, reprodução e alimentação de cágados brasileiros (testudines, chelidae). Phyllomedusa, 3(1), 15–27.   
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de Souza, F. L. (2006). Geographical distribution patterns of south american side-necked turtles (chelidae), with emphasis on brazilian species. Revista Española de Herpetología, 19, 33–46.   
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Vanzolini, P. E. (1994). On the distribution of certain south american turtles (testudines: testudinidae and chelidae). Smithsonian Herpetol. Inform. Serv., 97, 1–10.   
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