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Artner, H. G. (1998). Buchbesprechung: john cann (1998): australian freshwater turtles. Emys, 5(6), 30–32.   
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Cann, J. (1978). Tortoises of australia. Sydney: Angus and Robertson.   
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Cann, J. (1998). Australian freshwater turtles. Singapore: Beaumont Publishing Pte Ltd., Singapore.   
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Cann, J., & Legler, J. M. (1994). The mary river tortoise: a new genus and species of short-necked chelid from queensland, australia (testudines: pleurodira). Chelonian Conservation and Biology, 1(2), 81–96.   
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Cann, J. (1993). Do not take our freshwater turtles for granted. In D. Lunney & D. Ayaz (Eds.), Herpetology of Australia: A Diverse Discipline (pp. 363–365). Mosmann, Australia: Royal Zoological Society of New South Wales.   
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Cappio, A.-S. (2010). La conservation des tortues dans le monde: trois exemples. Unpublished thesis Docteur Vétérinaire, Université Claude Bernard, Lyon.   
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Clark, N. J., Gordos, M. A., & Franklin, C. E. (2008). Diving behaviour, aquatic respiration and blood respiratory properties: a comparison of hatchling and juvenile australian turtles. Journal of zoology, 275(4), 399–406.   
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Clark, N. J., Gordos, M. A., & Franklin, C. E. (2008). Thermal plasticity of diving behavior, aquatic respiration, and locomotor performance in the mary river turtle elusor macrurus. Physiological and Biochemical Zoology, 81(3), 301–309.   
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Clark, N. J., Gordos, M. A., & Franklin, C. E. (2009). Implications of river damming: the influence of aquatic hypoxia on the diving physiology and behaviour of the endangered mary river turtle. Animal Conservation, (epub. ahead of print).   
Added by: Admin 15 Mar 2009 13:31:29 UTC Pop. 3.25%
Georges, A., & Thomson, S. (2006). Evolution and zoogeography of australian freshwater turtles. In J. R. Merrick, H. G. M. Archer & M. S. Y. Lee (Eds.), Evolution and Biogeography of Australasian Vertebrates Sydney: AUSCIPUB (Australian Scientific Publishing) Pty Ltd.   
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Georges, A., & McInnes, S. (1998). Temperature fails to influence hatchling sex in another chelid turtle, elusor macrurus. Journal of Herpetology, 32(4), 596–598.   
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Greer, A. E. (2003). Encyclopedia of australian reptiles: chelidae. Australian Museum Online,   
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Hersche, H. (1998). Buchbesprechung john cann: australian freshwater turtles. Fachmagazin Schildkröte, 1(5), 66.   
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Manning, B., & Kofron, C. P. (1996). Evolution and zoogeography of australian freshwater turtles. Memoirs of the Queensland Museum, 39(2), 319–331.   
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Micheli-Campbell, M. A., Campbell, H. A., Cramp, R. L., Booth, D. T., & Franklin, C. E. (2011). Staying cool, keeping strong: incubation temperature affects performance in a freshwater turtle. Journal of Zoology, (early view).   
Added by: Sarina Wunderlich 28 Aug 2011 21:15:17 UTC Pop. 4.5%
Pfau, B., & Wiechert, J. M. (2003). Gedanken zur fütterung von wasserschildkröten. Emys, 10(4), 4–50.   
Added by: Sarina Wunderlich 28 Feb 2010 12:07:36 UTC Pop. 5.75%
Seddon, J. M., Georges, A., Baverstock, P. R., & McCord, W. P. (1997). Phylogenetic relationships of chelid turtles (pleurodira: chelidae) based on mitochondrial 12s rrna gene sequence variation. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, 7, 55–81.   
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Shaffer, C., & Shaffer, R. (2009). The mary river turtle, just a dam(n) shame. Turtle and Tortoise Newsletter, 14, 13–17.   
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Thomson, S. A. (2003). Chelodina colliei. (Manuskript).   
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Todd, E., Blair, D., Hamann, M., & Jerry, D. (2011). Twenty-nine microsatellite markers for two australian freshwater turtles, elseya albagula and emydura macquarii krefftii: development from 454-sequence data and utility in related taxa. Conservation Genetics Resources, (accepted).   
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