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Andriniaina, J. T. (2008). Contribution à l'ètude des parasites intestinaux des astrochelys yniphora en captivité, relachés et sauvages. Unpublished thesis , Université de Antananarivo, Antananarivo.   
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Anon. (1969). Tortoises, terrapins and turtles. British medical Journal, 4(5686), 758–759.   
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Bayer. (1999). Baytril: New companion animals.   
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Benejat, L., Gravet, A., Sifré, E., Amor, S. B., Quintard, B., Mégraud, F., & Lehours, P. (2014). Characterization of a campylobacter fetus-like strain isolated from the faeces of a sick leopard tortoise (stigmochelys pardalis) using matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization time of flight as an alternative to bacterial 16s rdna phylogeny. Letters in Applied Microbiology, (early view).   
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Benites, N. R., Pessoa, C., Bandini, L., Saidenberg, A., Moreno, A., & Sakata, S., et al. (2013). Microbiota bacteriana e fúngica presentes na cloaca de jabutis-piranga (geochelone carbonaria) criados em domicílio. Veterinária e Zootecnia, 20(1), 102–110.   
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Blahak, S. , Erste ergebnisse zum vorkommen von mycoplasma agassizii bei landschildkröten. Unpublished paper presented at Tagung der AG ARK.   
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Brown, D. R. (2002). Mycoplasmosis and immunity in fish and reptiles. Frontiers in Bioscience, 7(d1338-1346).   
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Bullaert, E. (2012). Mycoplasma infecties bij repielen. Unpublished thesis , Universiteit Gent, Gent.   
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Cardells Peris, J. (2012). Estado sanitario de "trachemys scripta elegans" y "testudo hermanni hermanni" en la comunidad valenciana. Unpublished thesis , Universidad CEU Cardenal Herrera, Valencia.   
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Casares, M., & Enders, F. (1997). Enrofloxacin side effects in a galapagos tortoise (geochelone elephantopus nigra). Proceedings of the American Association of Zoo Veterinarians, 1997, 446–448.   
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Chitty, J. (2008). Respiratory disease of chelonia. BCG Testudo, 6(5), 11–24.   
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Chitty, J., & Raftery, A. (2013). Essentials of tortoise medicine and surgery. John Wiley & Sons.   
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Cushing, A., Pinborough, M., & Stanford, M. (2011). Review of bacterial and fungal culture and sensitivity results from reptilian samples submitted to a uk laboratory. Veterinary Record, 169(15), 390 (5 pp.).   
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Doster, E., Chislock, M. F., Roberts, J. F., Kottwitz, J. J., & Wilson, A. E. (2014). Recognition of an important water quality issue at zoos: Prevalence and potential threat of toxic cyanobacteria. Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine, 45(1), 174–177.   
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Ebani, V. V., Fratini, F., Bertelloni, F., Cerri, D., & Tortoli, E. (2012). Isolation and identification of mycobacteria from captive reptiles. Research in Veterinary Science, 93, 1136–1138.   
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Germano, J., Zerr, V. V. E., Esque, T. C., Nussear, K. E., & Lamberski, N. (2014). Impacts of upper respiratory tract disease on olfactory behavior of the mojave desert tortoise. Journal of Wildlife Diseases, In-Press.   
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Giacopello, C., Foti, M., Passantino, A., Fisichella, V., & Mammina, A. A. A. (2012). Serotypes and antibiotic susceptibility patterns of salmonella spp. isolates from spur-thighed tortoise, testudo graeca illegally introduced in italy. HVM Bioflux, 4(2), 76–81.   
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Gibbons, P. M. , Emerging infectious diseases of chelonians - abstract. Unpublished paper presented at Program and Abstracts of the Tenth Annual Symposium on the Conservation and Biology of Tortoises and Freshwater Turtles.   
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Giorgi, T., Giorgi, M., Rota, S., Capasso, M., Breghi, G., & Briganti, A. , Plasma concentration of enrofloxacin and its metabolite ciprofloxacin in yellow-bellied slider turtles (trachemys scripta scripta), after single intracoelomic injection of enrofloxacin. Unpublished paper presented at 1. International Conference on Avian, Herpetological & Exotic Mammal Medicine.   
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Gong, S., Wang, F., Shi, H., Zhou, P., Ge, Y., Hua, L., & Liu, W. (2014). Highly pathogenic salmonella pomona was first isolated from the exotic red-eared slider (trachemys scripta elegans) in the wild in china: Implications for public health. Science of the Total Environment, 468-469, 28–30.   
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