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Ades, G. W. J., & Crow, P. (2002). The asian turtle rescue operation: temporary holding and placement at kadoorie farm and botanic garden, hong kong. Turtle and Tortoise Newsletter, 6, 2–7.   
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Artner, H. G., & Hofer, A. (2001). Observations on the qing ping free market, guangzhou, china, november 2000. Turtle and Tortoise Newsletter, 3, 14.   
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Blanco, S., Behler, J. L., & Kostel, F. , Propagation of the batagurine turtles batagur baska and callagur borneoensis at the bronx zoo. Paper presented at Proc. 1st Int. Symp. Turtles & Tortoises: Conservation and captive husbandry. Orange, California.   
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Buley, K. R. (2003). The asian turtle crisis - building the ark. TSA.   
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Davenport, J., & Wong, T. M. (1986). Observations on the water economy of the estuarine turtles batagur baska (gray) and callagur borneoensis (schlegel & muller). Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology Part A: Molecular & Integrative Physiology, 84, 703–707.   
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van Dijk, P. P., Stuart, B. L., & Rhodin, A. G. J. (2000). Asian turtle trade Vol. 2.   
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Duli, N. B. (2009). Morphometric and genetic variability of river terrapin (batagur baska) and painted terrapin (batagur borneoensis). Unpublished thesis , Universiti Sains Malaysia.   
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Guntoro, J. (2011). Auf den spuren der callagur-flusschildkröte (batagur borneoensis) im regierungsbezirk aceh tamiang, aceh, indonesien - vorläufige beobachtungen. Radiata, 20(4), 60–67.   
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Guntoro, J. (2012). The body size and some field notes of painted terrapin (batagur borneoensis) in district of aceh tamiang, indonesia. Asian Journal of Conservation Biology, 1(2), 74–77.   
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Hawkins, M. E. (2010). Genetic analysis of the captive breeding program for the critically endangered painted terrapin, batagur borneoensis. Unpublished thesis , Texas Christian University.   
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Hudson, R., & Buhlmann, K. A. (2002). Turtle rescue - turtle survival alliance executive summary. Turtle and Tortoise Newsletter, 6, 12–14.   
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Innis, C., Lewbart, G., Flanagan, J., Terrell, S., Lung, N., & Ross, A., et al. (2002). Veterinary observations on the december, 2001 asian turtle confiscation. Proceedings of the American Association of Zoo Veterinarians, 2002, 282–285.   
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Kuchling, G. , How to assess sex ratios and how to avoid gender bias mistakes in recovery projects of critically endangered turtles. Paper presented at Turtle Survival Alliance 2006 Annual Meeting.   
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Kuchling, G. , Evaluating impacts of temperature dependent sex determination in headstarting and captive breeding projects of critically endangered turtles. Unpublished paper presented at 6th World Congress of Herpetology.   
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Lehr, E. (2001). Zum schildkrötenhandel in asien. Elaphe N.F., 9(1), 87–88.   
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Light, C. , Surgery and rehabilitation on a male painted terrapin (batagur borneoensis) - abstract. Unpublished paper presented at Program and Abstracts of the Tenth Annual Symposium on the Conservation and Biology of Tortoises and Freshwater Turtles.   
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Love, C. N., Hagen, C., Horne, B. D., Jones, K. L., & Lance, S. L. (2013). Development and characterization of thirty novel microsatellite markers for the critically endangered myanmar roofed turtle, batagur trivittata, and cross-amplification in the painted river terrapin, b. borneoensis, and the southern river terrapin, b. affinis, using paired-end illumina shotgun sequencing. Conservation Genetics, 5(2), 383–387.   
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Lovich, J. E. (1994). Biodiversity and zoogeography of non-marine turtles in southeast asia. In S. K. Majumdar, F. J. Brenner, J. E. Lovich, E. W. Miller & J. F. Schalles (Eds.), Biological Diversity: Problems and Challenges (pp. 380–391). Easton, PA: Pennsylvania Academy of Science.   
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Ludwig, M., Auer, M., & Fritz, U. (2007). Phalangeal formulae of geoemydid terrapins (batagur, callagur, hardella, heosemys, kachuga, orlitia, pangshura, rhinoclemmys) reflect distinct modes of life. Amphibia-Reptilia, 28(4), 574–576.   
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Martínez-Silvestre, A., & Bernal, A. I. (2005). Trachemys callirostris callirostris. biotope, nutzung und schutz der kinnfleck-schmuckschildkröte in kolumbien. Reptilia, 10(1), 78–82.   
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