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Ahsan, F. M., & Saeed, A. (1989). The bostami turtle, trionyx nigricans anderson: population status, distribution, historical background and length-weight relationship. Journal of the Bombay Natural History Society, 86, 1–6.   
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Ahsan, F. M., Haque, N., & Fugler, C. (1991). Observations on aspideretes nigricans, a semi-domesticated endemic turtle from eastern bangladesh. Amphibia-Reptilia, 12(2), 131–136.   
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Andrews, S. R. K., Basu, D., Singh, S., Chauhan, R., & Tripathi, A. , Hatchling and head starting programme for endangered chelonians in the national chambal sanctuary, india. implementation of recommendations from the conservation action plan for india’s freshwater turtles. Paper presented at Turtle Survival Alliance 2006 Annual Meeting.   
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Artner, H. G. (2008). The world's extant turtle species - part 2. Emys, 15(4), 4–35.   
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Ballestar, R., Anadón, J. D., Giménez, A., López, G., & Pérez, I. , Variaciones locales en parámetros poblacionales de tortuga mora (testudo graeca graeca) en el sureste ibérico. Paper presented at VIII Congreso Luso-Español de Herpetología.   
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Baruah, C. (2009). In situ conservation of endangered freshwater turtles through community participation programmes in the riverine chars (islands) of brahmaputra, assam, india Rufford Small Grants Foundation.   
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Basumatary, R., & Sharma, D. K. (2013). The turtle fauna of kaziranga national park, assam, india with notes on natural history and conservation status. Herptology Notes, 6, 59–72.   
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Chittaranjan, B., Sharma, D. K., & Reza, A. A. H. M. (2010). Le trionyx noirâtre, la tortue de bostami nilssonia nigricans. Chéloniens, 18, 33–38.   
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van Dijk, P. P., Stuart, B. L., & Rhodin, A. G. J. (2000). Asian turtle trade Vol. 2.   
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Farkas, B. (1998). Rafetus swinhoei, eine sehr seltene weichschildkröte. Emys, 5(1), 23–32.   
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Hudson, R. , Mobilizing the conservation action plan for india’s endangered freshwater turtles and tortoises. Paper presented at Turtle Survival Alliance 2006 Annual Meeting.   
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Lehr, E. (2001). Zum schildkrötenhandel in asien. Elaphe N.F., 9(1), 87–88.   
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Liebing, N., Praschag, P., Gosh, R., Vasudevan, K., Rashid, S. M. A., & Rao, D.-Q., et al. (2012). Molecular phylogeny of the softshell turtle genus nilssonia revisited, with first records of n. formosa for china and wild-living n. nigricans for bangladesh. Vertebrate Zoology, 62(2), 261–272.   
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Praschag, P., Hundsdörfer, A. K., Reza, A. H. M. A., & Fritz, U. (2007). Genetic evidence for wild-living aspideretes nigricans and a molecular phylogeny of south asian softshell turtles (reptilia: trionychidae: aspideretes, nilssonia). Zoologica Scripta, 36(4), 301–310.   
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Praschag, R. (1992). Auf der suche nach schildkröten und krokodilen in indien und bangladesh (teil 2). DATZ, 45(9), 579–583.   
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Praschag, P. (2008). Genetische verifikation der dunklen weichschildkröte, nilssonia (aspideretes) nigricans (anderson, 1875). ÖGH aktuell, 20, 10–12.   
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Praschag, P. , River surveys for the black soft-shelled turtleaspideretes nigricans and the topical situation of the turtle trade in bangladesh. Paper presented at Turtle Survival Alliance 2006 Annual Meeting.   
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Rao, R. J. (2011). The diversity, ecology and conservation management of freshwater turtles in ganges river system.   
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Rashid, S. M. A., & Swingland, I. R. , On the ecology of some freshwater turtles in bangladesh. Paper presented at Proceedings of the 1993 International Conference 11?16 July 1993, State University of New York at Purchase.   
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Zhao, E.-M., & Adler, K. K. (1993). Herpetology of china. Amphibians, Society for the Study of and Amphibians, Reptiles in Cooperation with Chinese Society for the Study of and Reptiles.   
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